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Samos Honey - Beekeeping & Local Products Store Samos

Our store "BEE HOUSE" which is located in Samos and more specifically in the Pyrgos area, is close to you every day offering honey and honey derivatives, which stand out for their high quality and unique taste.

With a long tradition in the production of honey, since 1968 and passing the love and knowledge from generation to generation, we arrived in 2018 where we decided to create our store with the main goal of enabling every consumer to enjoy our unique products.

Every step of our honey production process is vital, from collecting the natural flower nectar to packaging and delivery to our store shelves.
  With love & passion
  we have created a beautiful space, in the green of nature and on the Vathi - Karlovasou Provincial Road. There you can see our products but also enjoy beautiful moments of relaxation in the beautiful space we have created, under the green pines with your company or family.

More specifically, in our store you will find flower and conifer honey, pollen, propolis, royal jelly, honeycombs as well as wax oils. At the same time, we have local herbs as well as various traditional products that will surely win you over.

We are always at your disposal and ready to answer any question related to our products and to help you make the ideal purchase.

Our goal is on the one hand to offer unique and quality products and on the other hand the continuous enrichment of our product range with new quality products from our country.

in Samos and indulge yourself in the world of authentic taste and variety of our products. Discover the magic of honey and its derivatives and let us offer you a unique taste and enjoyment experience.